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RRP: $ 10.89

  • The Spiderpodium is a simple, yet effective way to hold your small gadgets in place during any of a variety of activities ranging from driving to biking to just watching a movie, but only if you have the imagination to make it work for you.
    The Spiderpodium consists of eight flexible, rubber-coated wire arms protruding from a rubber center. These arms can be bent and posed in pretty much any direction, orientation, or shape and will hold their position.
    We were able to, for example, attach a smartphone to a vehicle's dashboard air vents for easy access to the screen for selecting music, answering calls, and viewing maps for turn-by-turn navigation. People who use their GPS navigator in multiple vehicles can leave the bulky suction cup cradle in one vehicle and use the Spiderpodium to hold their device in place in other

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