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NanoFixit Titanium

RRP: $ 42.80
SKU: N4000
  • NanoFixit Titanium


    NanoFixIt Titanium is the No. 1 liquid screen protector that will fit any device or model. With this versatile product you don’t have to worry about difficult application process’ or bubbles getting trapped under your screen protector. The content of NanoFixIt Titanium is enough to coat several different devices or 10+ phones.

    Other Cool Features

    • Lasts for up to 2 years
    • Enhances the vividness of the screen (HD effect)
    • Enhances the quality of the camera and photos taken
    • Works seamlessly with ‘3D Touch’ screens
    • Offers antibacterial protection
    • Repels water and makes the screen easy to clean
    • Bubble-free protection
    • Eco friendly
    • Easy to apply




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