Perfect for making calls when you're travelling

Whether you're travelling overseas or around Australia, Telstra PhoneAway® pre-paid calling cards are the perfect way to keep in touch with family back home, or friends around the world. You can:

    Make local, national long distance, International Direct® and mobile calls within Australia and from over 45 countries;
    Retrieve urgent messages through your card's personal voicemail; and
    have faxes delivered to your card's mail box number.

Customer Service
In Australia - call Telstra Customer Service on FREECALL  1800 616 606  (free call from most fixed phones).
When overseas - dial the access number for the country you are in and hold for the Australian operator and ask for a reverse charge call to
 61 3 9203 1545 . Alternatively, call the local foreign operator then ask for a reverse charge call to  61 3 9203 1545 .

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